London for higher and hire

London has a transport network of sorts but it is expensive, hot (just ask RiRi) and the intelligent Londoner prefers the cycle option. We have the tube, the big red busses, overground trains, black cabs, the clipper, Boris Bikes (or Barclays) and now we can add cable cars.

Everyone’s favourite buffoon Boris announced a deal with Emirates to sponsor the cable cars that will stretch across the Thames connecting Emirates Royal Docks and Emirates Greenwich Peninsula. I forgot to mention the stations are getting a re-brand too. It will be called The Emirates Air-Line, clever that. The 10 year sponsorship period will cost a cool £36m (total cost of £57m) so this begs the question… Is London for sale?

Football stadiums across the world are branded such as Arsenal’s Emirates and Manchester City’s now being known as The Etihad Stadium. This coupled with numerous music venues such as the O2 Academy chain, the O2 Arena which once was called the Dome many moons ago I believe. Oxford Circus was recently taken over by a wine brand and Ikea have sponsored the very epitome of London, the London tube map back in 2008.

What is next maybe Uncle Big Ben? Or BT Tower Bridge. One thing is for certain working with brands allows London to continue to grow in these more frugal times


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