Ich liebe neon #plusartprojects

Lady in neon lights

When I was a kid the one thing I wanted for Christmas was a neon sign in my bedroom, I didn’t really care what it said, I just thought it would be cool. They were expensive and ma and pa said ‘no’.

Never a truer word said... in my opinion

Plus Art Projects is hosting a variety of artists at a small gallery event off Redchurch St including up and coming artists from across the capital such as Declan MacMullan and Will Strong through to Gavin Turk and Stik plus some lady called Tracey Emin.

Love, Peace and Fuck by Ken Graham

Now not all the pieces have neon lighting but don’t let that stop you. Next event or project I work on is going to have neon lighting regardless

RiRi could not have said it better


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