The reason we love and hate East London….

Douche bags not 2 shoes

So last night I saw this while I cycled home after my mind yoga class, wearing skintight jeans, big Nike kicks on my battered but much loved Peugeot racing bike listening to electro-gabba-nu-dub-step as my poncho blew up in my face knocking my non-prescription glasses into the gutter where these wannabes were loitering

To be fair it had to be Jaguar Shoes and would have been a feast for the eyes for anyone like me who feels the same excitement at a viddy session of London Freakery as a pre-pubescent school boy in the mixed change rooms

As always Vice put it best so I’ll hand over to them…..

My faves are K-Tron who looks fierce with all that metal in her gob and Louie Banks who has just got his snappy snap camera and is bursting to capture the essence of the East….

In all seriousness, will this be the same as Towie and that hideous Chelsea programme? Already stars have been made of those lot and people made into brands and money making magnets. Or could it be done more seriously and actually look at some of the creativity in East London, maybe the search for the next Zuck seeing as we now have the Silicon Roundabout on Old St and some really smart marketing and media agencies live in the East End


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