When an ad has everything but still does nothing…

That is one busy scene

The new Müller advert entitled Wünderfull Stuff really aims to strike the chord of nostalgia doesn’t it…. The ad starts with a grey background and everyone’s fave speaking car, Kitt from Knight Rider being harassed by a pesky traffic warden, only for Müller to save the day. Hooray!

I am not going to go through all the details because frankly I could be here all day, but will say it seems that every cartoon character suggested in the ‘thought-shower’ was included in the final cut. Then slowly but surely everything is turned happy as all our childhood faves join the advertising party, but it does not stop there, the ‘masterpiece’ is set to music which I am sure was taken from Pirates of the Caribbean, I’d have preferred something from Hook. I am probably being harsh because they did not use any of the Thundercats which I think is a travesty.

So back to the nostalgia…. Well one thing I would like to say is that Müller did not really play a big role in my childhood, nor that of my friends and therefore the nostalgic theme of the ad seems a little strange. Now if it had of been a Sodastream, my lucky neighbour had one and I was jealous. Wham bars, they were the ultimate in tooth rotting treats, I ate many. Coco-Pops were a staple part of my breakfasts through until uni. A summer walk home was not complete without at least three Mr Freeze ice-pops and every lunchtime at school would be started and usually finished with Space Raider crisps.

The Wünderfull Stuff campaign kicked off with a super expensive ad slot during the X Factor on the weekend and is a part of a cool £30million integrated campaign, they have a Facebook page which has 17,000 likes so far but not too much content, plus billboards in prominent spots as well as slots on major releases in the cinema….maybe there will even be the chance to get some stuffed toys.


One thought on “When an ad has everything but still does nothing…

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