I am a serial doodler, always have been, at school my books were covered in weird interpretations of cartoon characters like Bart Simpson or Mickey Mouse smoking ‘jazz fags’ or of my own versions of trainers and baseball caps, every now and again just random scribbles with bits coloured in, then there was the period of time practising my signature as if I might have to sign my autograph for screaming fans.

To doodle or not to doodle...

At school teachers were never a fan as they assumed it meant you were not listening, which back then was possibly a little bit true if it was Mrs. Highton in R.E.

Sunni Brown is a big fan of the doodle and had this to say in her TED talk recently. Sunni is a smart cookie and if she says it is ok for me to doodle ridiculous nothing-ness to order my thoughts and bring out a better solution, then it is good enough for me

In the working world I doodle, especially during creative sessions as it helps me build on ideas and thoughts, add to other peoples comments and also keep a track on an idea whilst other people are speaking, sometimes it helps me illustrate what I am thinking

Saying that I do think that it can be a slightly different situation when you are taking a brief or in a client meeting, in which case it does look like you are thinking about what you are going to do on the weekend when you get away from said client and the attempts to raise awareness around a biscuit which has all the taste and nutritional value of a dinner party at Pete Doherty’s


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