Brixton continues to show you the money

It's a Brixton thing

On September 17th 2009 the Brixton pound or B£ was launched with the aim of supporting  the local economy and businesses, the idea was that people would spend the notes in local stores to encourage sourcing local goods and services. This is really interesting, creating a chance to forge closer links in the community and attempt to keep cash in the immediate community, it seems to be working so far. With the recent riots across London, I think anything which shows local solidarity is great and should be encouraged. After the riots, local communities came out to clear the streets and bring a semblance of normality back asap.

You know you have made it when you are minted

The notes feature images of famous people from the Brixton area on one side and local landmarks on the other, some of the first people to feature were Olive Morris and James Lovelock. Recently the scheme celebrated the second anniversary of the launch and added a few new iconic figures, this time with a more modern contemporary slant. Arguably Brixton’s most famous son, none other than Ziggy Stardust himself David Bowie features on the new B£10 note whilst NBA star Luol Deng who grew up in Brixtonia also features on the B£5 note


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