At first it was funny…. The only way is Dalston

We laughed about it before, thinking maybe it was a joke, hoping. Now there is a trailer which I still frankly think is a joke, I wonder who is behind this funny and elaborate ruse as there is absolutely no chance of this programme being successful. For a start who will watch it past the initial rubber-necking first episode? Also, what is with the faux American accents?

insert amusing comment here

East London has long been seen as a bit of joke to outsiders who see it as Nathan Barley and generally full of shit, news flash, people who live there make the same jokes. There are some nice bits as well, any area is going to have the stereotypes which we all love to laugh at, sometimes we even dress up as them for fancy dress parties. But let’s get this clear it is nothing new. Northern monkeys have ideas about soft southern fairies, the English think certain things about the Welsh, ask anyone who lives north of the Thames and they have certain thoughts about people who live South, West London has been ridiculed for Sloanes for years and Camden has had it’s fair share of jokes in recent years. I’ll not even get started on the Fat-Face / Diesel jean wearing Claphamites who flock to the green surroundings of South London as it is the closest thing they can find to home after they leave uni and move to the smoke for the first time. So I guess I am saying embrace… it is good joke fodder!


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