Fanchester FC – How far could it work for a brand?

So we are playing a 2 3 5 formation

A football team in Mexico have taken crowd involvement to a whole new level by basically putting the entire future success or failure in the hands of the fans. Now the lunatics really are running the asylum. They have done away with the usual manager, coaches and trainers and given the job to fans who will make decisions live through text message or an online vote. I suspect that the fans are given a list potential decisions and then they vote, otherwise this could be a disaster of a stunt, still it has given a lowly Division 2 team in Mexico access to a whole world of new fans, not to mention sponsors in Coke and Joma on the website

Springwise pose an interesting question though, how could brands benefit from such activities, in the past brands have listened to consumers about the name of products (see Coco-Pops) and recently Kellogg’s have launched a campaign which allows consumers to choose which of their new flavours of Krave cereals will stay, either caramel or chocolate. I wonder how far this could be taken….

Could it decide the cost of a dress sold on Asos?

Could the local community vote on products to be sold at their local Sainsburys?

Could Ford create three concept cars and ask which one to build and what to add to it?

Could BA offer their customers the chance to choose their next head honcho?

Maybe a bit far fetched but one thing is for certain, by giving consumers a role in the decision making and shaping of products and experiences, they have more of a vested interest. They will create conversations within their peer groups which could lead to recommendations and more custom, an ambassador campaign which can be sourced and managed could be a really powerful tool.


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