This weekend I was away in Berlin for the umpteenth time this year. Bloody love that place, from the amazing art, the open minded people, the bars, the random food stores, the amazing (if a little confusing at times) transport system and Berghain. I am in recovery mode from Berghain even though this time I only spent a total of 10 hours in the massive building which features The Lab, Panorama Bar and the main Berghain area… my pb is a mere 22 hours.

Berghain queue.... be prepared to wait, but it is worth it

For those who have never been, it is Berlin’s worst kept secret, a huge sprawling former power station in Friedrichstain which has been open since 2004 in the wake of Ostgut closing in 2003. It is a gay club that the breeders love too, it hosts parties that go on for days rather than hours and inside it is a den of iniquity including a darkroom and a fetish club as well. To get in is an achievement, where you either need to be off your box, fancied by the fussy door queer or just damn lucky, I have had plenty of friends who have made the journey to Berlin just for Berghain and then been turned away.

What I like the most is that there is virtually no guest list, absolutely no tosser like VIP room and that what happens in there is never photographed as all cameras are banned. So any of my weekend’s activities will remain between myself and those who witnessed them or were appalled by them.

My German friend who is a regular at all three rooms of Berghain has informed me that there is talk that it may have to close soon due to the development of local superstores nearby…. With that in mind I am booking in another trip for December and another in March


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