13 year old American school kid makes his own public service announcement on the use of the word ‘gay’

Probably smarter than half the numb-nut Tea Party members

Props to the wee man

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I hate London 2012 – Tube Strikes

I have not ranted about the Olympics for a while, because I have been in a good mood, too busy with work and generally not thinking about the hideous chocolate teapot of an event that will be the Olympics.

thoroughly nice chap?

Tomorrow sees a tube strike, orchestrated by that donut gobbling bastard Bob ‘principles’ Crow, so what will happen if he decides he wants a lay in when the biggest show on earth rolls in to town. The sheer weight of numbers when everything is ‘fine’ means every form of public transport begins to feel like a Thai jail cell in the midst of summer. Imagine if we have no tubes and it is down to our guests from around the world to cram on to buses, share black cabs or god forbid even walk.

There's more room in Jo Brand's underwear

I have a bike so this is going to be yet another interesting / amusing part to watch unravel.  What do you reckon Boris?

Brands, music, urban, AR codes, exclusive content….

Musicians are more and more reliant on getting in to bed with brands, they have to, the music industry just does not have the money that it used to. Most of the music people I know are totally aware of this and activity encourage it, artists coming out now are looking for ways to extend their brand beyond just the music. Beit a line of hats, a clothing range, a scent even a travel company.

For the last 5 years, I’d say about 85% of brainstorms I am in will have an idea which includes a music star in some way or another, if you do an event, you need entertainment, if you are selling a mobile it will often be with exclusive music from blah blah and so on. Nowadays it is fine to work with brands but you have to find a cutting edge, new, interesting and credible way to do it. The idea needs to add to the consumer experience so it does not appear to be a sell out.

Refreshingly bottled

Lucozade have teamed up with Aurasma in a campaign devised by Billington Cartmell to offer exclusive content on the actual bottle. Artists such as Tinie Tempah and Plan B have designed a bottle each and when viewed through an Aurasma app the consumer gets to see lots of exciting shiny content. Obviously for the fan to get the full experience they then have to click through to the next stage, therefore deepening the consumer experience. Not rocket-science but smart and drives actual product sales.

In a previous life I had a similar idea… but better of course… ha ha. Until I find a vehicle for it I ain’t giving it up tho StaFac-ers!

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Little Dragon

Little Dragon… Liking this at the moment… playing this week in London and sods law that I can not make it…

Playing again in Feb so will get myself down there.

Got a bit of a feeling of Roisin Murphy about at some parts…. The one women I would definitely fall for!

I ❤ Roisin

Also featuring on the inside cover of Dazed’s 20th anniversary edition


Andrew Logan – The Boy who never knew the word ‘can’t’

Andrew Logan... never did like to blend

I was not aware of the ‘Alternative Miss World Competition’ until recently and it feels like it should be something I learned about at school, albeit a very bohemian lefty school where cross dressing, outrageous make-up, sexual cheekiness and crazy loud eclectic music are the norm.

The Alternative Miss World Competition first took place in 1972 when maverick artist Andrew Logan put on what is basically the anti-Miss World, taking the elements of the better known version but subverting it so that anyone could enter regardless of age, sex, size, shape, sexuality and talent, it was all about expression and inspiration. Maybe the best part of the contest was that it was not so much about winning but celebrating diversity, creativity and fun, Logan created something amazing and all because he never knew of any reason to not express himself

Every entrant created wonderful home made costumes in the theme of morning, day and evening wear. Each had weird and wonderful names and walked the catwalk to fantastical music and no little amount of camp draggy theatre.

Andrew Logan... still blending

Andrew Logan was both host and hostess with his half and half costumes, usually created by 60’s design legend Zandra Rhodes, each year he would have a variety of co-hosts ranging from Devine to Julian Clary to Richard O’Brien to the latest with Ruby Wax. The likes of Leigh Bowery took part, Andy Warhol was a judge and it was so popular David Bowie could not even get in.

What made it even more interesting was that it was always a family affair with his 4 brothers mucking in to build, manage and even drag up for the show. His sister has been the only contestant to enter every time it has been staged.

Tea anyone?

The tiny screen 2 at the ICA was the perfect setting to watch The British Guide To Showing Off with fellow dress fancy fans, we were even in the company of two people who had attended many of the events throughout the years as contestants. If you missed it then gutted darling!

Every guest gets their own hot man to carry you too

It puts to shame the fancy dress parties I go to… although my 30th is around the corner so maybe not…. watch this sparkly space!

I could carry this off...

NZ Police get in on the Stencil Art Tip

Down under the Police have decided, if you can’t beat them, join them. In a rather bold move masterminded by M&C Saatchi the New Zealand Police have taken to their creating their own street art in order to try and recruit new cops.

Cop this

In theory I like this as it subverts the norm and could actually bring the establishment some more understanding and kudos…. but then again there is the flipside. For one it maybe smacks of hipopcracy, does this mean that people caught spraying graf in NZ will be commended on their line work? Secondly, the designs created by Otis Frizzell are hardly original and pretty much rip off work by Banksy…. how much kudos would that give your average savvy graffiti artist?

You never know what is around the corner

In other news Police in London were spotted skinning up L plates in Brixton  so they can get the numbers on the drug squads up and in Amsterdam the female officers are wearing their uniforms for ‘evening work’ in the Red light district offering an extra special service.


Is this a new Banksy? And more to the point does anyone really care?

A comment on Materialism? #artforall ahem!

Don’t get me wrong…. I am not a Banksy hater (I even sold a Banksy for 1p in a previous life) but he also isn’t the most popular with some people such as Robbo and many people think he just ripped Blek le Rat. While the film he released called Exit Through the Gift Shop featuring Thierry Guetta was interesting and nicely put together, it also cheapened the Street Art idea because Mister Brainwash managed to put on this frankly ridiculously huge exhibition and sell pieces for thousands of $$ without actually really being an artist.  It also gave a poor impression of the American art buying public who were just mindlessly bidding for pieces, some of which they had barely seen let alone tried to understand the piece.

I am not for one minute claiming to be an art aficianado, far from it, I just like pretty things and I like what I like, just merely posing the question…. Is Banksy relevant and credible anymore?

Spotted at foreignstudents.com