(Fashion + Art) x Charity = Sales + Feel Good Factor

How do brands communicate with their target consumer in a cool and relevant way? Well it has to be music, preferably new music. Or it has to be art, preferably Street or Graf. How about fashion, maybe through sport. All of these are tried and tested or some might say a little staid

To get cut through in an ever more suspicious and marketing savvy world, adding a touch of ‘Charidy’ is the perfect way to gain cut through with media sick and tired of PR jobs and consumers who want to have something cool whilst feeling all warm and fuzzy inside

Arty shoes

US based shoemakers Bucketfeet have created a fashionable product in a simple plimsoll with the art work of global artists then added a dash of feel good by donating 5% from each sale to partner charities, kid’s charities, kid’s charities that enable art, music and sport. Ta-daaaa Bucketfeet you are smashing it, all bases pretty much covered.

Consumers are also attracted to the idea of having a piece of artwork rather than a mass produced piece of design, getting artists involved who’s primary concern is all about the art, adds an additional level of attractiveness for me

I’ll challenge anyone to manage to make Crocs look anything like shoes for twats though….


One thought on “(Fashion + Art) x Charity = Sales + Feel Good Factor

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