The trainer that made me a trainer freak – Remixed for 2012

Nike Air Huarache 2012 - Swoon

I was about 9, when I spied for the first time a shoe which was better looking than the offspring of Brangelina could ever threaten to be. It was unlike any other trainer I had ever seen and I had to have them, despite my mum saying she would never spend so much money on a trainer I would ruin. It is amazing what a 9 year old can do when he puts his mind to it. I believe it took 3 weeks of badgering, offering to mow the lawn, sulking, begging and making cups of tea before it was mission accomplished.

Nike Air Huarache circa 1990 - Swoon

I think I must have re-laced them about 100 times and wore them as house shoes for weeks, such was my love for them

Now for 2012 we have the new version, subtle changes in colours and finish ensure it is as beautiful as the first time I saw it. For me it has to be the shoe version but all three on display on Hypebeast work for me.

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