Cycle while you work, duh de duh duh duh duh duh

I love cycling to work, even when it is a little cold, even if
it is raining a little bit, even on the dangerous roads of Londinium. I’d love
to be able to cycle while I am sat at my desk, what a great way to keep fit
that would be…

Well low and behold some clever dick has come up with a solution
that will allow you to keep on cycling even while you are tapping away on your
Mac or having that all important conference call where your American clients
are throwing out Marcoms speak like ‘Ideation’ and ‘pesterpointing’. So you
will be losing weight while they are eating donuts. Shupa!

Traveling without moving

Each one is adjustable and they can match the finish and surface
so it fits your office or your home study. This is so much better than gym
membership but somehow I can not see my boss taking it on…

Hats off to Kickstand


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