I love doodles and I love tattoos… so

So would the two combined make for a great long term
statement, I am not sure but if it was this one then it is yes…

Doodle raaaaa tat

David Shringley held a live art session at ANDFestival or Abandon Normal
Devices for those in the know, punters could have one of his exclusive doodles
scribbled on their arm, then if they wanted to they could get it tattooed on
over the road so it was there forever. Xx was not convinced it was a great idea
but there are far shitter tattoos you could have

David Shrigley was at the ANDFestival which is a regional
event to show new cinema and digital channels. David is part of a trio who have
created Pass me the Spoon on now in Glasgow. It is an opera about food and features
someone getting eaten…looks good but bit far for your friendly scribe to
travel to right now



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