Prison Chic

I have a weird and maybe wonderful and almost certainly disturbing fixation with prisons, in particular American ones, I Sky+ America’s Toughest Jails and am intrigued by the tribal mentality driven by gangs and racism born out of a need to survive. I also find these tattooed, toned inmates pretty damn hot too


Prison love

I am also interested in how prisons try to rehabilitate rather than just punish, I think the vast majority of prisoners have the capacity to change with the exceptions of the clinically insane murderers.


Unhinged? Nah... misunderstood

I have a friend in jail for making a stupid mistake and while he has been in there (3 years) he has knocked the drugs on the head, got fit in the gym, done an accounting course is learning Mandarin and read more books than he can name. This is not always the case and not all prisoners will take the opportunities.

In Eastern Europe a company called Heavy Eco have come up with a great way to harness the latent talent within these institutions , potentially awakening a talent and then donating 50% of the profits to Estonia’s poor and needy. The inmates get paid a small amount and it also means they are repaying their debt to society.

The tshirts sell across Europe and while I would not personally be seen in one even if it meant saving myself from the firing squad on death row in Alabama, I can imagine them doing a roaring trade in Clapham and Balham. Anything that is benefiting chaaardiy is a good thing after all.


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