NZ Police get in on the Stencil Art Tip

Down under the Police have decided, if you can’t beat them, join them. In a rather bold move masterminded by M&C Saatchi the New Zealand Police have taken to their creating their own street art in order to try and recruit new cops.

Cop this

In theory I like this as it subverts the norm and could actually bring the establishment some more understanding and kudos…. but then again there is the flipside. For one it maybe smacks of hipopcracy, does this mean that people caught spraying graf in NZ will be commended on their line work? Secondly, the designs created by Otis Frizzell are hardly original and pretty much rip off work by Banksy…. how much kudos would that give your average savvy graffiti artist?

You never know what is around the corner

In other news Police in London were spotted skinning up L plates in Brixton  so they can get the numbers on the drug squads up and in Amsterdam the female officers are wearing their uniforms for ‘evening work’ in the Red light district offering an extra special service.



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