Brands, music, urban, AR codes, exclusive content….

Musicians are more and more reliant on getting in to bed with brands, they have to, the music industry just does not have the money that it used to. Most of the music people I know are totally aware of this and activity encourage it, artists coming out now are looking for ways to extend their brand beyond just the music. Beit a line of hats, a clothing range, a scent even a travel company.

For the last 5 years, I’d say about 85% of brainstorms I am in will have an idea which includes a music star in some way or another, if you do an event, you need entertainment, if you are selling a mobile it will often be with exclusive music from blah blah and so on. Nowadays it is fine to work with brands but you have to find a cutting edge, new, interesting and credible way to do it. The idea needs to add to the consumer experience so it does not appear to be a sell out.

Refreshingly bottled

Lucozade have teamed up with Aurasma in a campaign devised by Billington Cartmell to offer exclusive content on the actual bottle. Artists such as Tinie Tempah and Plan B have designed a bottle each and when viewed through an Aurasma app the consumer gets to see lots of exciting shiny content. Obviously for the fan to get the full experience they then have to click through to the next stage, therefore deepening the consumer experience. Not rocket-science but smart and drives actual product sales.

In a previous life I had a similar idea… but better of course… ha ha. Until I find a vehicle for it I ain’t giving it up tho StaFac-ers!

Picked up on


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