I hate London 2012 – Tube Strikes

I have not ranted about the Olympics for a while, because I have been in a good mood, too busy with work and generally not thinking about the hideous chocolate teapot of an event that will be the Olympics.

thoroughly nice chap?

Tomorrow sees a tube strike, orchestrated by that donut gobbling bastard Bob ‘principles’ Crow, so what will happen if he decides he wants a lay in when the biggest show on earth rolls in to town. The sheer weight of numbers when everything is ‘fine’ means every form of public transport begins to feel like a Thai jail cell in the midst of summer. Imagine if we have no tubes and it is down to our guests from around the world to cram on to buses, share black cabs or god forbid even walk.

There's more room in Jo Brand's underwear

I have a bike so this is going to be yet another interesting / amusing part to watch unravel.  What do you reckon Boris?


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