World Aids Day 2011

Prick..... your ears

It is 2011… FFS! People have HIV and AIDs, it does not mean they will die tomorrow, or will infect you if you share a glass or if they sneeze in your company, they do not want your ignorant views and they certainly do not want your pity. It is manageable if not curable, it more widespread than many would imagine yet it’s the thing we can not talk about.

Today is World Aids Day, you do not have to donate money, make a huge gesture like volunteering to work for an AIDs or HIV charity, what you do need to do is think. Time to understand that it is not the persons fault and that it can happen to anyone, young or old, black or white, gay and yes you breeders could get it too. There is a stigma in the gay community as much as there is in the straight one, it’s 2011 and we should be moving forward and learning peeps.

Was that a bit ranty? Apols but some things need to be said…. watch this German Aids Awareness clip and see that you can still smile through adversity.


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