Enemies of Creativity

Working in Marketing for x years means a part of job has always been about coming up with ideas, swapping thoughts with others and trying to create something which will excite, motivate or mobilise consumers. This is the part which has always interested me, the part that motivates me to do well, sometimes the bit that stops me from jacking it in and going on a 20 year traveling jaunt to create a supremely leather tanned body suit with no white bits.

What really surprises me and disappoints in equal measures is that some people go into a brainstorm or approach a brief with all the negatives and constraints rather than thinking about what is possible.

My latest role is at a very well respected, very well run agency with some good clients. I’ve been tasked with bringing some fresh thinking and a different approach to creativity and idea generation. I have been involved in a few brainstorms already and have witnessed just how easy it is to kick off on the wrong foot just by the negativity of a few people, this usually results in others losing confidence to say things and the final ideas are uninspiring and lacking any wow factor.

As the new creative lead, I present my initial recommendations on changes which include some simple changes like bringing visual stimulus to the room, inviting external people, thinking of the problem through the eyes of other people, plus a few tried and tested brainstorming techniques, but in honesty maybe the simplest solution of all is to ban those who are going to bring negative can’t do attitudes…. Can I start banning people already?

I’ll let you know how I go….



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