White Coke – would you touch it?

Surely the whiter the better, makes you think it is more pure, somehow a better quality and something to give you that buzz you seek from Coke. Not so, it confuses the user, all coke fans like to know exactly what they are getting and to be honest if it changes I am unsure of the quality.

Not thew powder silly

I am of course talking about Coca-Cola and their white cans which they created to help raise awareness of the plight of arctic polar bears, the iconic red can dissapeared and led to the sales dropping enough to result in coke recalling the cans and switching back. Coke often change the design of bottles and that works because of iconic shape never changes, the consumer is still clear on what they are getting. Change a can colour and you are left with just another can, could be anything, could be non-alcoholic beer FFS!

Courtesy of PSFK


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