Fenton/Benton vs Cowell for Christmas no. 1?

The Fenton/Benton clip of a dog chasing deer across Richmond Park chased by his desperate owner went viral in no time. Marketeers are always chasing the holy grail of creating a piece of video content that people pass around because it has that real watch-ability.  Fenton/Benton clearly was not a planned branded piece but one of the many new versions popping up online could see Simon Cowell kept off of the top spot this Christmas, and all proceeds will go to Battersea Dogs & Cats home. I am not sure if they are officially behind the campaign but there is a Facebook page set up already to drive support to get it to the top spot.

Whilst the track is no classic in the form of this beaut, but it is kinda catchy, mildy amusing and for a good cause if you are an animal person

So what does it take to become a viral success? A few of these elements, be funny, have a world famous superstar in it, show lots of flesh, reveal previously unknown information, expose some form of scandal, display unbelievable skill or just beat Simon Cowell to world domination.



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