Hunger Strike

Rankin y'al

Rankin – Now he may be a bit of a so and so at times but you cannot deny this guy is the boss when it comes to portrait photography. I have a few of his books and visually the shots are amazing as there is a real story to each one and he captures a moment like no one else I have seen. He can makes things unbelievably sexy or extremely dark or painfully morose or any other number of emotions.

His latest venture is Hunger Magazine, which as you would expect is painfully cool in terms of look, feel and content and in an age where everything is digital it is nice to be able to buy something to hold. i-D has helped launch, shape and chart the creativity of numerous people in its 20 years and Hunger may well have the same sort of influence.

>insert witty comment here<

Check it out online here, some interesting interviews with some really talented people like Portia Freeman, Von and Dani Smith…. and one with that fat cnut James Corden


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