Lazy? Agrophobic? Plain bone idle?

Well this could be the app for you, NeighbourFavour or as our American chums incorrectly spell it Neighborfavor let’s you put out requests for other to run errands for you. Need some milk? Get number 45 to do it. Run out of fags? Get little Jimmy next door to run down the shop. You have to enter in how much you are prepared to ‘tip’ for the favour, so it could even be a second income… maybe.

Now when I was at uni and particularly fond of my bed for various reasons it would have been ideal for someone else to bring me whatever I needed when I needed it.

Some things I assume you cannot get from the corner store but even so, where there’s a problem there is a solution. I wonder how long until drug dealers are using such a site, those pot heads would never leave home!

This is just another example of how there is literally an app for everything even plain laziness. There will be an app for wiping your arse soon.

Via Springwise


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