Branded from Childhood

I might have mentioned I work in marketing, for my sins…. As a marketeer I am acutely aware of the power of a brand, the imagery, the iconography, the messaging and how much is spent on a brand.

From childhood we begin to recognise brands and we know what we like and don’t like. For instance as a kid I would only eat Kellogg’s cereal and never own brand, I have always been a Coca-Cola guy and not Pepsi, Nike was always my trainer and shell suit of choice and anyone who’s dad drove a skoda was clearly a pikey.

This video shows the brands recognised in our world today… by a 5 year old. Ahhhhhh!

No surprise that Apple gets a name check, I think even a blind dog would recognise Apple


Moon Art…. This is a first for my peepers

I work in marketing and a previous numbskull of a boss who rarely came up with any good ideas but claimed everyone else’s ideas, once piped up with this corker. That he was going to project the logo of one of our very well known clients on to the moon. F-ing dork. That just reinforced my thought that we leave the moon alone to be pretty, signify flouro influenced parties on Thai islands and to beckon the wolves out when full.

Turns out I was bang wrong.

Moon on a string

This by Laurent Lavder proves I was bang wrong, following on from a previous post Cheekie lil ruskie here is another brilliant and playful; use of the world we live in to create images. I personally like the reading one most but they are all pretty sweet

Moon paint

Seen on Huff Post


Funny Youngman, Clever Youngman

Hennesey Youngman Click here ya’l

Hennesey says Damien Hirst is a dick... so there

This guy is the boy, funny, irreverent, great range of hats, hip hop jewelry with not hit (or major hint of) irony. Plus he has managed to identify the clear similarities between Damien Hirst and wanker for all season Bono. It has never sat that easily with me that Hirst gets minions to do his actual handy work… so basically no different to Mr Brainwash then. And they both get paid shit loads… I have just had an idea…

Clever lil Ruskie

Making a spectacle

Street art should, in my opinion build on the surroundings and make them better, it should not stand out for the sake of standing out, it should never merely blend either. A tricky tightrope you might say.

Street light

This is the first time I have come across Pavel Puhov but I love the way he toys with his surroundings in order to take everyday mundane objects and makes them into something different and artistic. Everyday objects such as spectacles or a torch can be something quite enchanting

Lights and shadows

I stumbled across these pieces which he did recently in Russia on

Basically I love Kate Moss


Usually when people ask me what is my ideal women, I reply one with no tits and a big cock, but if I was offered a date / shag / candle lit dinner for two with la Moss then the absence of a rather large appendage would not worry me one bit. This may be due to the fact that I read this weekend that she has her own large silver bullett…


I digress, so basically she is my idea of a great women for numerous reasons

1. Model and beautiful

2. Brilliant style away from the catwalk

3. Shags rock stars

4. Has shagged Johnny Depp

5. Likes a party

6. Not afraid of an orgy

7. Wicked sense of humour

8. Knows her strength is the look… a wise man once said ‘why open your mouth and speak then confirm you are a fool’ or words to that effect

9. Girl knows her music

10. Came out with the quote…’Nothing tastes as good as skinny looks’ Whether this was said in jest or not, I care not. It is a great soundbite and one I have quoted before…

One drawback may be her mothering skills but we have no evidence of this and the kid will grow up cool and independent right?

Cover star

Anyways… pretty lazy post but following the visually striking Dazed & Confused exhibition I finally got around to seeing on Sunday at Somerset House, it reminded me of how stunning she is and how she was quite a regular in that rather defining publication.

unCovered star

unCovered star

Things ive seen……

I may have said I was bored with QR codes but…. here is another use for QR codes – Creating a FB style comments wall that users can add to. Could be great for Secret gigs / events to send people to venues or as a tool to share information about an area. Citizen Tourism

dems ugly but dems lets y'al go on that there web thingy

The future is here, see for yourself. The glasses that allow you to see virtual content, go online and even play video games. Will also result in numerous people walking into walls, under buses etc…

Hockney using iPad to create and display his art – discussing how his world and the way he creates art has changed with technology and how he is never without his iPad

Suck my Air Max

As a bit of a trainer freak, this was interesting. The iconic Nike Air Max re-imagined in a variety of ways


Stik man map


Props to Londonist for creating the a London street map outlining where Stik pieces can be seen, even some that have disappeared.

Map Stick Man

Stik started putting his simplistic yet strangely emotive pieces around East London about 10 years ago and they can be seen from Hackney Wick, Well St, Hommerton, Brick Lane and throughout Shoreditch. When I first moved to East London in 2002, I remember spotting them and taking pictures on a snappy snap. Now 10 years down the track I still look out for new ones and this map has even been verified by the man himself.

Down Stik-s

Kanye would never approve….

Sooooo Kanye

I literally love Kanye West, wether he be making a twat of himself at an awards ceremony, ejecting a fan from a show for risking his life on stage or creating an ‘interesting’ S/S fashion collection, he is certainly one of the most watchable characters out there, plus I love his music, especially the sometime panned 808’s and Heartbreaks.

Yeezy din't tell ya'l

I am not sure Kanye was behind my recent purchase on Koh Toa though….

College tutor look

I got 5 pairs of Ray Bans that I have been assured are the gen article too….