Things ive seen……

I may have said I was bored with QR codes but…. here is another use for QR codes – Creating a FB style comments wall that users can add to. Could be great for Secret gigs / events to send people to venues or as a tool to share information about an area. Citizen Tourism

dems ugly but dems lets y'al go on that there web thingy

The future is here, see for yourself. The glasses that allow you to see virtual content, go online and even play video games. Will also result in numerous people walking into walls, under buses etc…

Hockney using iPad to create and display his art – discussing how his world and the way he creates art has changed with technology and how he is never without his iPad

Suck my Air Max

As a bit of a trainer freak, this was interesting. The iconic Nike Air Max re-imagined in a variety of ways



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