Basically I love Kate Moss


Usually when people ask me what is my ideal women, I reply one with no tits and a big cock, but if I was offered a date / shag / candle lit dinner for two with la Moss then the absence of a rather large appendage would not worry me one bit. This may be due to the fact that I read this weekend that she has her own large silver bullett…


I digress, so basically she is my idea of a great women for numerous reasons

1. Model and beautiful

2. Brilliant style away from the catwalk

3. Shags rock stars

4. Has shagged Johnny Depp

5. Likes a party

6. Not afraid of an orgy

7. Wicked sense of humour

8. Knows her strength is the look… a wise man once said ‘why open your mouth and speak then confirm you are a fool’ or words to that effect

9. Girl knows her music

10. Came out with the quote…’Nothing tastes as good as skinny looks’ Whether this was said in jest or not, I care not. It is a great soundbite and one I have quoted before…

One drawback may be her mothering skills but we have no evidence of this and the kid will grow up cool and independent right?

Cover star

Anyways… pretty lazy post but following the visually striking Dazed & Confused exhibition I finally got around to seeing on Sunday at Somerset House, it reminded me of how stunning she is and how she was quite a regular in that rather defining publication.

unCovered star

unCovered star


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