Check out the peepers….

I try and avoid posting fashion items that I want to buy, it would become ridiculous, it would be post after post of trainers, shoes, glasses and watches, there would be jeans a plenty and it would get boring for everyone… however….

Seeing as I live in East London and we like a pair of glasses I thought I’d drop this one in.

Kray glasses

Made by Bounty Hunter, these Japanese specs are going to be my next purchase…. standard and fact.

Can’t find where to buy them yet thought


Everyone has a Sweet Toof

All around the east end there are pieces by Sweet Toof, they are not exactly difficult to spot, seeing as they are usually huge and pretty bright.

On my daily mooching around London today I cycled a different route and saw this parked up under one of the arches near the Hoxton Tube station. It would seem that Street Art is now on the move as well, maybe it is for a Sweet Toof roadshow, or maybe not.

Toof trailer

Sweet Toof also leaves pieces around the place for eagle eyed Londoners to keep, a mate of mine found a copy of the Metro with the cover completely transformed with the trademark Sweet Toof design. Lucky get!

Taped Up – Max Zorn

On Blue Peter it was all about sticky back plastic, and let’s be honest most of the stuff they made was pretty shite. I was never a fan it was always about Art Attack with the legend that is Neil Buchanan (who follows me on twitter, claim to fame time)

Frankly my dear..... tape it up

Anyways I digress, Max Zorn has taken the idea of working with tape and created a different form of street art. He cuts and shapes tape in layers and shapes to create art pieces which then use light to bring the imagery to life. Zorn uses windows or street lights to display the imagery and although I have not seen them first hand I think it would make a great addition to my fair city as the sunshine has just started shining. It is almost like the street art take on church stained glass windows.

Get yourself over here Zorn, though not sure you need the hoodie…

Spotted on PSFK

National Portrait Gallery – Feb 2012

Lucian Freud at the National Portrait was very good indeed, clearly an interesting chap. Something that I had never appreciated before but that becomes very apparent when you see the body of work first hand is the piercing eyes.

Boy smoking

Both Girl with Beret and Boy Smoking display very beautiful  and clear eyes, my favourite in the entire display is the Boy Smoking, quite stunning and modern looking even though it was created 60 years ago.

Girl with beret

Another thing you will notice is the number of self portraits Freud created, what I noticed on everyone of his self portraits was the darkness of his eyes everytime, in stark contrast to the majority of the paitings of his subjects.

Freud - self portrait

The exhibition stretches from his early work through his changes of styles to a far more harsh representation of those who sat for him.

Freud - self portrait

In addition there is a brilliant portraits from 1960 – 1990 featuring this brilliant piece from a certain Andy Warhol of Mick Jagger

ol big lips

Gig Club – Little Dragon – Kentish Town Forum


Off to see Little Dragon ce soir… pretty damn excited too. Basically I was looking forward to it before and then my friend sent me this…..

I can only hope that this is bust out at the end as I think I will simultaneously whet myself and cum…. Too much in formation?

Fave tracks are Constant Surprises, which sounds like Erika Badu is singing it… this is good.  After the Rain which is quite apt after the weather in Feb so far turned to sunshine this week and then there is Feather.

Clever lil Ruskie mkII

Eye eye

Almost a month to the day since the last installment of Clever Lil Ruskie.

Thomas, Percy and Toby

This time it is Nikita Nomerz, loving these, for some reason they remind me of the faces from Thomas the Tank Engine but all the same brilliant use of the world around us. Making everyday objects into pieces of art. You often see brilliant art but these Russians take it to another level using the shames of objects as the basis. I wonder what they could do with the Gherkin….

What is the name of that Star Wars character?

One of them is clearly Sloth from the Goonies

Remind you of anything?

John Peel Music-eum

The Peel

I recently mentioned about things that are very British, institutions if you will, things like Royal Family, Corrie, Antiques Roadshow, etc. Well one I did not mention is a certain musical oracle by the name of John Peel, a man who was an encyclopedia of music and always seemed to know what was orally delectable to such a cross section of people worldwide. And now there will be an online museum of his personal record collection called the Space. It will feature over 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and countless thousands of CDs. Apparently it will be live from May to October and is being funded by The Arts Council, with a little help from the BBC. A veritable banquet of music from across the board.

I for one hope this is not just a listening tool, I hope that the record artwork will be included where possible, it would be brilliant in a Million $ Homepage style.

For my foreign chums who know not of the Peel, he discovered bands and introduced obscure music to the masses, music most would not normally dream of listening to. Peel was the first to play Bowie to the masses, the first to bring the UK listener’s attention to Joy Division, Jarvis cocker paid tribute to Peel for giving Pulp their first break and he was also one of the first to champion The White Stripes after seeing their album in a Dutch music shop. On top of this he has a whole stage named after him at Glasto and he sported some bloody fantastical facial hair through the ages….

L plates

Sullen beard



Song Dong – Barbican Centre

One man's waste....

I’ll admit it, going to see Song Dong’s ‘Waste Not’ I was a little sceptical as to whether this was an art installation or if it was a bit of a stunt . Once I arrived and saw the enormity, the variety and also the triviality of the pieces included. The triviality is the part that gave such emotion and beauty to the collection of very everyday items such as pans, empty drinks bottles, shoes, cutlery and pens.

On entering Song Dong tells how the story of China in the 50’s and 60’s, his family relationships and of how his mother’s attitudes to material waste combined to create an art installation which is the story of his mother’s life.

Is another woman's treasure

I would suggest you visit The Barbican Curve to to see the scale of the collection, which is not the entire collection as there is another one in China as well. The story of how and why this came together is quite poignant and actually gives this huge collection of bits and bobs a rather beautiful feel.

If you can not make it then read more here…