Before I Die….. Inspir-art

New Orleans has seen some things in recent years and not much positive but this is something which has galvanised a community and then spread around the world.

What began as a way for locals to record their hopes and aspirations soon became a way of bringing the neighbourhood together and soon got national awareness, so far similar walls have popped up in Brooklyn, Amsterdam, Portsmouth and Lisbon to name just a few.

There is a lot of art on the walls around London, some of it means fuck all but something like this could have been a great thing post London riots to help with communities understanding of one another. Post those events there was a whole lot of misunderstanding as to why the riots happened and who was to blame…. Maybe this is a bit idealistic of me but….


One thought on “Before I Die….. Inspir-art

  1. This is very interesting. There is a wall with this style of thing in Beirut where I live but rather than “before I die” the lines all start with “Lebanon would be a better place if I…”
    It’s such a good way to get people thinking and engaged with one another. I had no idea that it started in New Orleans or tha it was such a worldwide phenomenon.

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