Is this how to discover Street Art….

Need to know basis....?

About 2 years ago while enjoying a £1 Red Stripe, sitting by Corbett’s Place, thus avoiding the security guards and their attempts to get me to pay three times that in the local watering holes, my chums and I spotted something rather amusing. An impressively entrepreneurial chap was leading around a bunch of tourists and imparting knowledge on various pieces of street art displayed across the walls.

I'll give you this one... Truman Brewery. Simples

I spotted this again recently and it lead me to think that surely half the fun of discovering ‘Street Art’ is exactly that, the discovery. When I have visited  Berlin, SF, Queens, Paris or any place really, half the fun is discovery and then for those who really want to know the researching afterwards. It is a bit like collecting Panini stickers when you were a kid, the finding the rare ones was the very nature of the fun

Does this not take away the thrill of the chase, eliminate the fun and excitement a tad? What do you think?

If you do not share my thoughts then maybe hit up these guys, for £15 they can remove the mystery and get you a full sticker book of London Street Art


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