Berlin – A Different View

So This recent trip to Berlin was a stag version, therefore it was less debauched than my usual visits…. imagine that!

So although I never made it to Berghain and therefore no Panorama Bar or Lab, but did make it to Club Der Visionaere, which is one of my faves in Kruezberg. Good music, on a canal, out of the way, wooden and rickety, mixed crowd and attractive men.

The set up is cool, the bar is tiny but fine for the size of the club, the music policy is techy (standard) and the security staff are amongst the nicest about. In the summer it is amazing and a right sun trap and a part of a network of cool warehouse based venues including the river beach / swimming pool. Ich liebe Kruezberg

In other news…. your author was driven to a 4 story brothel by the side of a road which I refused to enter, as did the stag and then ended up spending 4 hours in a strip club but did not indulge in any of the veritable banquet of ‘delights’ on offer. 10 Euro a beer…. I ask you! Breeders will do anything to see boobs


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