Dirty Bird – J. Phlip – Top draw Techy Garagey Detroit House

Dirty Bird

I went to Sonar 2 years ago and amongst the amazing performances I saw during that 5 day sleep deprived bender of a weekend was a certain Claude von Stroke. I had managed to miss my flight to Barca, had had to go straight into a testosterone soaked Irish bar to meet my friends (all girls) to watch England under perform in the Coupe de Monde live from S.A. Little did I know that my evening would end on an ear piercing set from Mr v Stroke which basically changed my view of what techno and Sonar was that year. I’d post a picture of my disheveled state but it would plant certain assumptions amongst the reader’s mind….

From his Dirty Bird stable here is an slick mix for I-D online by a certain J. Phlip, click below. There is also an interview with Claude von Stroke, who says the festival to visit this year is Movement in Detroit…. think I might go book a ticket

J. Phlip – Dirty Bird


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