Song Dong – Barbican Centre

One man's waste....

I’ll admit it, going to see Song Dong’s ‘Waste Not’ I was a little sceptical as to whether this was an art installation or if it was a bit of a stunt . Once I arrived and saw the enormity, the variety and also the triviality of the pieces included. The triviality is the part that gave such emotion and beauty to the collection of very everyday items such as pans, empty drinks bottles, shoes, cutlery and pens.

On entering Song Dong tells how the story of China in the 50’s and 60’s, his family relationships and of how his mother’s attitudes to material waste combined to create an art installation which is the story of his mother’s life.

Is another woman's treasure

I would suggest you visit The Barbican Curve to to see the scale of the collection, which is not the entire collection as there is another one in China as well. The story of how and why this came together is quite poignant and actually gives this huge collection of bits and bobs a rather beautiful feel.

If you can not make it then read more here…


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