John Peel Music-eum

The Peel

I recently mentioned about things that are very British, institutions if you will, things like Royal Family, Corrie, Antiques Roadshow, etc. Well one I did not mention is a certain musical oracle by the name of John Peel, a man who was an encyclopedia of music and always seemed to know what was orally delectable to such a cross section of people worldwide. And now there will be an online museum of his personal record collection called the Space. It will feature over 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and countless thousands of CDs. Apparently it will be live from May to October and is being funded by The Arts Council, with a little help from the BBC. A veritable banquet of music from across the board.

I for one hope this is not just a listening tool, I hope that the record artwork will be included where possible, it would be brilliant in a Million $ Homepage style.

For my foreign chums who know not of the Peel, he discovered bands and introduced obscure music to the masses, music most would not normally dream of listening to. Peel was the first to play Bowie to the masses, the first to bring the UK listener’s attention to Joy Division, Jarvis cocker paid tribute to Peel for giving Pulp their first break and he was also one of the first to champion The White Stripes after seeing their album in a Dutch music shop. On top of this he has a whole stage named after him at Glasto and he sported some bloody fantastical facial hair through the ages….

L plates

Sullen beard




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