National Portrait Gallery – Feb 2012

Lucian Freud at the National Portrait was very good indeed, clearly an interesting chap. Something that I had never appreciated before but that becomes very apparent when you see the body of work first hand is the piercing eyes.

Boy smoking

Both Girl with Beret and Boy Smoking display very beautiful  and clear eyes, my favourite in the entire display is the Boy Smoking, quite stunning and modern looking even though it was created 60 years ago.

Girl with beret

Another thing you will notice is the number of self portraits Freud created, what I noticed on everyone of his self portraits was the darkness of his eyes everytime, in stark contrast to the majority of the paitings of his subjects.

Freud - self portrait

The exhibition stretches from his early work through his changes of styles to a far more harsh representation of those who sat for him.

Freud - self portrait

In addition there is a brilliant portraits from 1960 – 1990 featuring this brilliant piece from a certain Andy Warhol of Mick Jagger

ol big lips


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