One Oyster that will not raise the blood pressure

>Insert expletive here<

If Oysters are meant to be an aphrodisiac then this has turned the whole country frigid.

I am literally astounded sometimes. Is this the most aesthetically boring thing you have ever seen?

Just so boring....

It looks like something made using Paintbrush circa 1995, the font is boring, the art work is childish without any of the cute innocence a child might have brought to the design, the colour choices can only be described as vanilla, the image of the Queen is dull and shows no vibrancy…. was this done in a lunch break by a tired of life member of the design department from a soon to be defunct packaging company in a industrial estate in Slough? and now breathe….

I understand you can not go crazy with design for the Jubilee Oyster card, but you can show imagination and verve. London is going to be besieged by visitors this summer and their travel memento will be this. Hardly shows London as the multi-cultural design hub that it is.

Rant over…. what do you think?

Urban Art Sale at Bonhams – Sounds like a rips off

le Moss - Banksy

It is on the 29th in London at Bonham’s and if you have a spare £000’s then maybe you would like to invest in an overpriced piece by the world’s fave stencil artist Banksy. Some of these pieces are quite famous and desired, I quite like the Kate Moss one, because I love le Moss, really love le Moss.

The other one I like features an iconic model as well, it is by Jef Aerosol and features Twiggy, it is called ‘Is London Still Swinging?’

Jef Aerosol

If I had that much money I reckon I would just buy a wall in London and then make it available for artists to use, maybe on a 3 month rotation and then have a constantly updated piece that everyone can see. The all you would need to do is get a decent camera and take a shot of each finished piece and then you have a nice coffee table book or even blow up the prints for at home.

Just a thought, if not and you want the original and nave this cash in a box under your bed waiting for that rainy day you could buy a Banksy, something by Blek le Rat or maybe a D*Face orig.


Other reason to write this post was if you put Banksy in a post then it ramps up your visitor numbers and I thought I’d see how many new followers I could get…… muuuuhhhhaaaa

Warhol…. rarely seen? I’m in

I'm the greatest....

Mr Warhol… your 15 minutes of fame it would appear will go on for a long damn time yet, Warhol esq prints can be seen everywhere and in street art his influence is undeniable.

In Dulwich in the not too distant future you will be able to see some rarely exhibited pieces by the white haired one and I so one will be making the journey down to take a look, even if it is bloody miles away. Might make a day of it, apparently there is a right nice park there.

Anyway the collection called Andy Warhol: The Portfolios will feature Endangered Species, Flowers, Muhammad Ali and Myths. These were some of his last works before he hopped off to the other side so worth a look I think

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Daft Punk toys….. and Homework

There was a rumour I saw this week that Daft Punk had not one but two new albums to release in the not to distant future. Rumours like this are utterly unhelpful, they only serve to get our ears twitching and our feet tapping as we reach for Homework to get a fix.

Anyway, let us not think about that as this is genuinely coming in only a few months, July to be exact. Check these lil Daft Punk styled mini toys.

Daft Punk meet mice

Spotted on Toybeast and I want them now, I hope that Be@rBrick are listening….

I also think these would make a brilliant stencil in East London, well at the end of my road to be exact

Now a bit of Homework for you…


Olek – got to say I am pretty torn

Now this is a twat bike... forget the baskets and fixies

I have seen your brightly coloured knit wear pieces across the Eastend and initially I thought it was a rather amusing thing, you see us East Londoners are ribbed for our quaint ways such as riding Dickensian bikes, dressing like dandys and endulging in rather out dated pursuits such as lawn bowls and knitting. So to see Street Art in the form of knitting did make me chuckle.

Then after seeing a few more pieces and deciding it was actually a bit of an eyesore that might have, in the times of the Klaxons been suitable for aural consumption when we thought new rave was rather amusing.

Now you are getting these rather fetching banning orders and threats of fines.

Knit Art is banned

Here is my quandary, artists should not be fined for their art, I would never agree with that, but at the same time I just plain don’t get this flouro sensory dust up, so this might result in them being removed.

Spotted on Londonist

The world’s biggest egg hunt – Great Faberge campaign

Clean eggs

In London for the last month or so there have been 200 painted Faberge eggs dotted around, all huge and painted by a wide variety of people from Zandra Rhodes to my fave by Benjamin Shine who made a London Postbox homage.

I was going to go on a mission to find them all to show you them, but then I realised that I can wait until April to see the whole lot in one place, Covent Garden. For anyone visiting London from the 3rd April you have a chance to see the entire collection until the 9th.

Check out the full range, some are amazing and some are poop, but that was bound to happen. If anyone wants to buy me the Benjamin Shine one then I am open to certain favours…. maybe

I still think it might have been an interesting idea to bring in some more unknown street artists or even a couple of the bigger hitters such as Ben Eine or even me with my finger paints…

Banksy book – If ya’l interested?

Banksy book

Banksy divides opinion but one thing you have to admit is that he is the most well known of our street arting chums. He clearly has made a fortune as everyone from Brangelina to your nan has a print from our undercover Bristolian. Another book is out now from Paul Gough called the Bristol Legacy, I wonder if Banksy gets a cut…

I like some of the stuff he has done but sometimes it does feel like he is using political statements for the sake of it, it feels a little diluted. I get he wants to say something but he can try and retain a little bit of perspective and sense of humour.

Also to be honest the whole Robbo vs Banksy thing started of as mildly interesting if a little disrespectful and now it just seems like a stunt that has gone badly wrong.

Things I’ve seen…

It is the final day of my little break from work and therefore the amount of galleries and mooching I can achieve will be much less. From here on in guys I am working for a living again, with that in mind I thought I’d sign off with a few images I took today.

Just off Mare St.


Love this, mix of freehand, stencil and even print outs I think. I have not got a head for heights so not going to climb in order to find out

Along the canal

Urban redevelopment - face the facts

You can tell the Olympics is just around the corner, even the empty flats in the Eastend have been given a lil make-over, we wouldn’t want our touristy friends to see un-used boarded up eyesores. Bravo Hackney council

Just propped up in the Eastend

It's only a door dear

I’ve said it before, Street Art does not need to be beautiful in the classic sense, I’d take a nice and simple piece of humour over some of the staid stuff you can see… this is very cute