Things i’ve seen….

Wondering around London on my bike taking in a few things as I go….

London Faberge egg hunt is underway, I’ve seen loads but cannot be bovd to post all of them, if I spot a nice one, I’ll be sure to share… and maybe take home

St. James Park Egg

Some people feel deep shame for eating McDonalds and will not admit it… I am sometimes one, but I have come out to bigger things. I eat a double cheeseburger from time to time… and what?

Anyway liked this just off Brick Lane… not easy to spot but funny and a bit cute I think… call me crazy ya’l. I think it amused me as it is a comment on society, so many kids in the UK are reared on the golden arch and here is a baby ‘Donalds!

Happy meal anyone?

Street art doesn’t need to be beautiful in an artistic way, it can be simple, it can be words and it can be something that makes society look at it’s self or just raises a lil smile

One Love


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