Manchester – Street Art

Frank Sidebottom... with added knob

Well these are the few examples I saw in an admittedly flying visit when I was able to go out and avoid the rain. Jesus it rains non-stop there.

So like these pieces as they have a nice little bit of humour, even if technically they are not very complex, that is a good thing sometimes. These were around the Northern Quarter and whilst there were other examples I either did not get any good shots because of the fecking weather or I thought the pieces were not that great.

Storm Tropper taking a wee break

Storm Trooper channeling Travolta

I would have liked to have had more time to search the city for different and better examples, any Manc natives know some good areas to check out then please drop me a line.

We did end up having butlers in the buff serving us drinks… I can provide those pics if you really want but then again….

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