Another type of social commentary – Ben Drew

Street art and graffiti is social commentary, beit that little known stencil artist Banksy and his inclusion of rats, police et al or simple RIP and gang tags. So is music although it seems there is less than in previous years when you had Rock rebelling against Vietnam or the Falklands or Punk sticking two fingers up at Thatcher and her conservative mob. More political and angry music would not go amiss in these days of vanilla RnB crap.

The latest recording from a certain Plan B is accompanied by a pretty dark video, stripping back his thoughts on the world his peers live in and the world that lead to the London Riots of 2011. The imagery and lyrics are dark, but it is a strong story to tell and maybe it will make society evaluate rather than sweep under the carpet.

Middle England will probably only know Plan B from his last and very successful album The Defamation of Strickland Banks, where he wowed them with his soulful voice, I am guessing they were not aware of his previous incarnation as a potty mouth. I quite like the image of a Daily Mail reader picking up the new album Ill Manors and being shocked to a minor heart attack.

A very typical Daily Mail.... Cnuts

Plan B speaks with some clarity about the need to understand why the riots happened and how there is always a different perspective to understand, his statement here almost feels like getting his defense in first before middle England attacks, rest assured they will.

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