Terry O’Neill – Reworked – Rook & Raven Gallery

el Tel

London is awash with exhibitions at the moment and a fair few of those are free. Terry O’Neill has shot some of the world’s most recognisable faces and this remix of some of those pictures is really interesting, if a little too brief. It only opened last week but the Rook & Raven gallery felt a little empty.

O'Neill + Dawe do Bardot

Aside from the number of pieces to ogle, it was good, I like the space and the uncluttered approach. I was looking forward to seeing James Dawe and my favourite pieces were from Dawe, combining collage and digital techniques to give the images an almost stencil street art effect.

O'Neill + Dawe do Stones

Daniel Lumbini‘s Jagger piece is cool too, showing a very young Jagger, looking rather feminine and with ladies hands reaching all over him, as was the reality in those early gigs.

O'Neill + Lumbini do Jagger

Then there is the British national treasure, Mr Elton John, I prefered the original to anything that had been reworked.

O'Neill does Elton in Windsor Great Park



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