The world’s biggest egg hunt – Great Faberge campaign

Clean eggs

In London for the last month or so there have been 200 painted Faberge eggs dotted around, all huge and painted by a wide variety of people from Zandra Rhodes to my fave by Benjamin Shine who made a London Postbox homage.

I was going to go on a mission to find them all to show you them, but then I realised that I can wait until April to see the whole lot in one place, Covent Garden. For anyone visiting London from the 3rd April you have a chance to see the entire collection until the 9th.

Check out the full range, some are amazing and some are poop, but that was bound to happen. If anyone wants to buy me the Benjamin Shine one then I am open to certain favours…. maybe

I still think it might have been an interesting idea to bring in some more unknown street artists or even a couple of the bigger hitters such as Ben Eine or even me with my finger paints…


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