Olek – got to say I am pretty torn

Now this is a twat bike... forget the baskets and fixies

I have seen your brightly coloured knit wear pieces across the Eastend and initially I thought it was a rather amusing thing, you see us East Londoners are ribbed for our quaint ways such as riding Dickensian bikes, dressing like dandys and endulging in rather out dated pursuits such as lawn bowls and knitting. So to see Street Art in the form of knitting did make me chuckle.

Then after seeing a few more pieces and deciding it was actually a bit of an eyesore that might have, in the times of the Klaxons been suitable for aural consumption when we thought new rave was rather amusing.

Now you are getting these rather fetching banning orders and threats of fines.

Knit Art is banned

Here is my quandary, artists should not be fined for their art, I would never agree with that, but at the same time I just plain don’t get this flouro sensory dust up, so this might result in them being removed.

Spotted on Londonist

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