Urban Art Sale at Bonhams – Sounds like a rips off

le Moss - Banksy

It is on the 29th in London at Bonham’s and if you have a spare £000’s then maybe you would like to invest in an overpriced piece by the world’s fave stencil artist Banksy. Some of these pieces are quite famous and desired, I quite like the Kate Moss one, because I love le Moss, really love le Moss.

The other one I like features an iconic model as well, it is by Jef Aerosol and features Twiggy, it is called ‘Is London Still Swinging?’

Jef Aerosol

If I had that much money I reckon I would just buy a wall in London and then make it available for artists to use, maybe on a 3 month rotation and then have a constantly updated piece that everyone can see. The all you would need to do is get a decent camera and take a shot of each finished piece and then you have a nice coffee table book or even blow up the prints for at home.

Just a thought, if not and you want the original and nave this cash in a box under your bed waiting for that rainy day you could buy a Banksy, something by Blek le Rat or maybe a D*Face orig.


Other reason to write this post was if you put Banksy in a post then it ramps up your visitor numbers and I thought I’d see how many new followers I could get…… muuuuhhhhaaaa


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