One Oyster that will not raise the blood pressure

>Insert expletive here<

If Oysters are meant to be an aphrodisiac then this has turned the whole country frigid.

I am literally astounded sometimes. Is this the most aesthetically boring thing you have ever seen?

Just so boring....

It looks like something made using Paintbrush circa 1995, the font is boring, the art work is childish without any of the cute innocence a child might have brought to the design, the colour choices can only be described as vanilla, the image of the Queen is dull and shows no vibrancy…. was this done in a lunch break by a tired of life member of the design department from a soon to be defunct packaging company in a industrial estate in Slough? and now breathe….

I understand you can not go crazy with design for the Jubilee Oyster card, but you can show imagination and verve. London is going to be besieged by visitors this summer and their travel memento will be this. Hardly shows London as the multi-cultural design hub that it is.

Rant over…. what do you think?


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