Bed Stik… Another one for the collection


Stik can be seen all over the East end, another one to add to the collection. Sleepy Stik is a cute Stik. Again the shape of the body and minimal face still manages to convey some form of emotion. My stick drawings are not even suitable for Hartbeat, I’ll stick to scribbles and doodles

And another

And another

One more

Final one


Insane Felans Cartel

First of all this is the best name for a graf team, I can not find much about them so will keep looking. Or can anyone else help?

A little bit of insanity does you good

Loving this because of the wide use of colours, bit like a rainbow on acid, which is hardly surprising given the name.

This 2011 piece is nicely hidden away off Bethnal Green Road, but on the same street as some pretty average pieces, which only makes this even better. As always art pickers, find it for yourself, do a little mooching.


Things I’ve seen…

London has been a bit of a temperamental bitch this weekend, one minute raining cats and dogs, the next nervous sunshine, then mardy winds. One minute I was wishing for an umbrella and the next needing sunglasses. So this morning SF went out for a bike ride swearing sunglasses, a hat, waterproofs and a vest underneath. Crazy times.

Random weather gave these pictures lots of different looks.

The Wick of Hackney - Retro too

Everything in the East end has to be a bit retro doesn’t it?

Yellow alien heads

Like the Simpsons, if they were possessed

Bloody Krays


More Sweets than you can stomach


Anyone reckon this might be Sweet Toof's studio?

Mr Toof gets around London but he makes sure he keeps it interesting, it is not just simple walls or shop shutters. This guy doesn’t mind going up high to put his mark on the LDN skyline, he doesn’t mind getting in a boat too and he likes to go out and about finding some rather obscure parts of the city.

Big Toof... tiny mouth

I think Sweet Toof is thinking to the future, the Olympics are a few months away and his will be the most visible art in London, it also sticks in the mind the big pink lips and huge gnashers meaning that people will be able to chart it across their journey to Stratford.

Even the tag is intricate

Expect to see another guerilla stunt like he did with the Metro last year…

Soooo Kanye…. Directorial debut

So Kanye....

This blog is abount, art, street art, music, fashion, marketing, lifestyle and checking out what Kanye West is doing.

So I do not know too much yet but already it sounds brilliant, here it is. He is going to debut a film at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, it is in the genre of Thriller and only lasts 30 minutes. Other information available is that it will feature other wordsmith friends.

But the best bit is that he has not even started it. In typical Kanye fashion, he will not start until the final moment and then have ultimate confidence that it will stand up to anything that Scorsese or the Coen Brothers can throw together over a year or two of production.

Nothing this man can not do, MC, sing, model, act, fashion designer, award ceremony invader and now director.

Soooooo Kanye.

Spotted on Hypebeast

Tate Tanks

A tank now

The Tate Modern has got a couple of new exhibition spaces, two massive concrete tanks which will be the first space dedicated to live performance, art and installation. I’m intrigued to see what this will involve, they look absolutely huge. The tanks were formerly used to hold oil when the Tate Modern used to be a power station until 1981

A tank then

Artists to feature first are….

Sung Hwan Kim, not seen his stuff before but it involves music, light, sculpture and music. This sounds pretty cool, based on the size and scale of the tanks.

A minimalist dance performance by Anne Teresa Keersmaeker called Fase: Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich, never really been one for dance but in these spaces it could be pretty epic.

Then there is Eddie Peake, he recently filmed a naked football game, now I like football and I like men, surely this is too good to be true. This time he is developing something new though… open to seeing that as well, nothing wrong with a bit of artistic flesh after all.

I also reckon this would be a great space for a massive techno party…. just my opinion though

Things I’ve seen…

Long wall of paint...

Few of my favourite shots from today, mooching down the canals of London in the East. One entire wall of graf which was about 18ft tall, here are a few pieces….

Silkey & TLY TRP


This is the best thing I have seen for ages…. madness

Not sure who it is but it's dead good

Plus this one I spotted around the corner

No idea... but looks nice

Sweet Toof by the waterside

Nose peg

Yet more from the man who has painted his way around the Eastend for at least the last 4 years.

He is anonymous and has not revealed his true identity, there are rumours that it is Martin Lea Brown, I have no idea at all and Brown would not confirm nor deny. You can see the similarities in a few of his pieces, sometimes it’s best not to know

Anyway… more bits for you here


This one is a bit shit but we will put it down to the crap surface

Rotten Toof

I have also spotted another which has been started but not finished, once I get the time I’ll see if it has been filled in