Damien Hirst – Artistic Marmite

He divides opinion across the board, some see him as visionary and some, like myself think he is just a shock merchant, beit with his thermaldahide animal experiments or for creating a skull with more diamonds than Liz Taylor would know what to do with.

Love Sharks

I was not that bothered initially to visit his retrospective at the Tate Modern, even less so when the reviews were mixed, even even less so when I found out he was selling a souvenir version of his skull for a mere £35k. Erm seriously?

I can do this....

It also got on my wick when he said that art is not about the money….. It also confused me that he has so many assistants who actually do the art for him, just feels like he like a more respected version of Mr Brainwash.

Here is a video clip of him walking through the exhibition with the curator Ann Gallagher discussing each piece. Still not entirely sure what I think of him, however I am going to pay the ££ and going to see it, I am going to say it is because I like sharks, but secretly maybe I like Hirst?


3 thoughts on “Damien Hirst – Artistic Marmite

  1. Not easy eh, that Hirst! He seems to attract bad comment…but then again a lot of people like him…or do they?
    He may be cashing in big! But i dare to think it won’t be an everlasting impression that he ks making…
    Some time ago I saw an exhibition on his dot paintings…it was…interesting.
    If you’re interested, you might want to read my post on it.

    ..have gun at the Tate! I will be in London this summer…i don’t knlw kf I will be willing to spend time with Hirst. Tell me how it was.

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