Fight the gentrification Nazir

A little of what you like....

Nazir Tanbouli is a resident of East London, he has worked here amongst his collective from 1995 so has probably see the changes to Whiston Road more than most.

Upstairs boarded up.... downstairs a little doodling

Recently Whiston Road saw a few pieces of new art to brighten up the slowly but surely closing housing estates. The estates are in disrepair and I can only imagine the council are ignoring them until the very last resident gives up the ghost and moves on. All around this area shiney new housing developments are going up. Makes you wonder where the people living there at the moment are going to go?

Bit blurry... but you get the idea

And another one....

Also makes you wonder where the local graf artists are going to to paint if everywhere is new and clean…. gentrification here we come, expect a Pret on Broadway Market in the next 6 months


3 thoughts on “Fight the gentrification Nazir

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  2. Hi
    I hope you’ll come to our party at THE KINGSLAND on June 30, from 1 pm some art and some music, outside on the grass. Really appreciate you blogging the project, the feedback makes a difference, and kept us going – especially when its raining!

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