Diamonds are for-never

I’d heard of the Artist Above before…. but a short post will not do the guy justice so take this as a mini-intro to a prolific artist who unlike so many has many many sides to his work, he can do political as well as Banksy, cartoon as well as Sweet Toof and word stencils to match Ben Eine.

This is a brilliant piece, I believe the story goes that he got permission to stencil ‘Diamonds are a Woman’s Best Friend’ on the wall outside Jewel City, Johannesburg’s center for diamond trading…. he then went back and added a little extra. Brilliant, beautiful and not a little bit dangerous I’d imagine.

Stay tuned for my full look at Above…. when I have time that is

And why I am at it…. Surely Kanye should get props for pointing this out as well. Soooo Kanye


One thought on “Diamonds are for-never

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