He’s got a big art

Ich liebe Berlin, I would live there if my pigeon German improves, and it will so help me. One of the big reasons I love Berlin is that it is unlike any other city I have been to on every level and one of the most beautiful levels is the art you can see. On pretty much every corner of Kruezberg there is something to feast your eyes upon.

Berlin is a hotbed for creative types, from artist to musicians to sculptors to those very sexually liberated, they are attracted to the city by the bohemian lifestyle, the hotpot of nationalities and the city’s lax attitude towards drugs.

All the above combines to some of the coolest and most creative art, street art and graf you will find.

That is spray paint you know

I spotted this on urbanartcore this week and thought it was immense. The scale, the detail, the expressions, just make for an amazing display. James Bullough, a Washington native is creating this masterpiece at Torstrasse 111. If you have never been there then go, it has music studios, art studios, scuplture, a maze and bars. The launch is on April 28th, get there is you can. If not check out his website for some cool and abstract stuff.

She menacing...

I must have gone to Berlin 5 times last year for various reasons, this year only once so far…. better get booking. If for no other reason than this place…


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