Banksy vs Robbo pt.98

Latest version, this one by Team Robbo

Everyone has heard of Banksy, maybe not everyone has heard of Robbo. Robbo was in his words the original and a pioneer of the street art game. He tagged and painted his way around London in the 80’s before it was cool or indeed profitable to do so. After a while he retired, he made no money out of it and felt it was for the younger man.

A young Banksy met Robbo and they had a bit of set to and Robbo claims to have given him a slap.

Fast forward a few years and the grudge comes back when Banksy paints over an iconic Robbo piece with a workman putting up wall paper. Cue a long running, slightly petty, rather amusing, visually interesting tete a tete.

Click here for a run down of some of the shots

Get well soon anyway Robbo


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